“Megan has a really calming, peaceful presence and really helped calm some of my fears already. So glad that we joined.”

Matters of Birth Alumnus

Next Group session: October 21 - November 18th

Mondays, 7-9PM, October 21-November 18th

My next 5 week childbirth series is beginning Monday, October 21st at 7PM. The classes will take place for 5 consecutive Mondays from 7-9PM at Blossom Tree Wellness in Huntersville, N.C.

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course outline

Week 1 - The Basics

  • What are the matters of birth?
  • Anatomy and Physiology of birth
  • what is normal birth?
  • hormones of birth
  • stages of labor
  • role and purpose of labor
  • addressing fears
The Hormones of Birth

Week 2 - comfort and support

  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Importance of provider and place of birth
  • coping techniques
  • sexuality 
  • comfort for any stage
  • continuous labor support

Week 3 - Push for your baby

  • positions for pushing
  • the role of your support team
  • hormonal response to second stage
  • optimal cord care
  • keep motherbaby together
  • the golden hour
Rebozo pushing position for birth

Week 4 - Interventions and options

  • Medical interventions and their influence on normal birth
  • Cascade of Interventions
  • Cesarean and VBAC
  • Supporting the hormones of birth
  • hands on comfort techniques
The Cascade of Interventions


  • Newborn appearance
  • The first meeting
  • Common newborn procedures
  • Skin-to-skin and the habitat
  • breastfeeding and hunger cues
  • postpartum changes
  • postpartum sexuality

“If you and your partner are looking for a course that will help you feel informed about the labor & birth experience and empowered in your journey as expectant parent(s), this is it! Megan will introduce a variety of topics that will help both mom and her partner understand what to expect along the way, how to make informed choices about whatever may come up, and feel confident in the role you each play in bringing baby into the world. This course was a great bonding experience for us and we feel so much more prepared for what’s ahead after taking it together!”

- Ashley & TJ, first-time expectant parents
Matters of Birth Alumnus

Educational Options

Group classes

  • 10 hours of group childbirth education
  • lamaze healthy birth practices
  • the hormones of healthy birth
  • birth preference sample form
  • comfort techniques for labor and birth
  • email support
  • appropriate referrals when necessary

Individual class

a personalized childbirth course in your home
  • 8 hours of individual childbirth education
  • Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices
  • The hormones of healthy birth
  • Birth preference planning
  • comfort techniques for labor and birth
  • Access to lending library
  • Email support
  • Appropriate referrals when necessary

Comfort Techniques for Labor

just the comfort!
  • 2 hour Comfort Techniques for Labor Educational Session
  • Email support
  • Access to lending library of books
  • Appropriate referrals when necessary

Located at the lovely Blossom Tree wellness, 15905 Brookway Drive, #4106, Huntersville, NC 28078

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