I can not recommend Megan’s class enough! Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but she teaches in a style that empowers you to feel confident and ready to really take charge of your birth. I began the class unsure of what to expect and now feel so much more comfortable and at ease with the whole process. I’m confident that Megan’s class prepared both me and my husband well and we’re now both so excited to take on labor and delivery like champs!

- Katie, grateful student
Matters of Birth Alumnus

“If you and your partner are looking for a course that will help you feel informed about the labor & birth experience and empowered in your journey as expectant parent(s), this is it! Megan will introduce a variety of topics that will help both mom and her partner understand what to expect along the way, how to make informed choices about whatever may come up, and feel confident in the role you each play in bringing baby into the world. This course was a great bonding experience for us and we feel so much more prepared for what’s ahead after taking it together!”

- Ashley & TJ, first-time expectant parents
Matters of Birth Alumnus

“Megan has a really calming, peaceful presence and really helped calm some of my fears already. So glad that we joined.”

Matters of Birth Alumnus

“Megan is an amazing Doula! She’s knowledgeable, kind, friendly and empathetic. Megan has a natural gift of helping women through labor and making them feel empowered. I gave birth on 11/2013. Megan met up with me and my husband weeks before my due date to discuss birth plans and what is to be expected. She was so insightful and supportive of everything we planned on doing, including our hypnobabies birth plan. I went into labor at home for 2 weeks and on 11/13/13, I met with Megan at the hospital. Megan started giving me lower back massages as I walked to the labor and delivery floor of the hospital. I felt so comfortable and calm with Megan. She was comforting, eased my labor pains and even participated in my Hypnobabies birth plan. Megan made sure I kept moving and breathing correctly to speed up labor. She encouraged me, continuously rubbed my back, gave me drinks and snacks, and made sure my birth plan went smoothly. Every time there were medical issues, Megan always wanted my input and made sure it was what I wanted. Because of my medical condition, the medical staff and I agreed a c-section was a safer option. My husband was with me in the OR until my 2nd son was delivered. Megan stood by my side after that. In the OR, I was reacting to some medications and even stopped breathing. Megan kept me calm and as comfortable as possible. I remember waking up in the recovery room and Megan was still at my side! I had such a positive experience with her! She made me feel empowered and aware of my options, as well as an incredible support for my husband. It was challenging for him to be with me since he had to be with my 15 month old son at the time. He felt better knowing I was not laboring alone. She was also there when I got home and helped me with chores and cooking for a few days! I loved her as my doula and I hope to keep her for my next pregnancy. Thank you Megan for everything! I don’t know what I would do without you!”

- Ruth
Birth Doula Client
“Megan was a calming and supportive voice throughout my pregnancy and birth. When my labor began she got to my house quickly and helped me manage my whirlwind labor. Since we had to leave for the hospital immediately she helped me find my breath during the car ride, stayed with me in the ER while my husband parked the car, and 11 minutes later helped me welcome my healthy daughter into the world. Her presence with me during this journey has left an amazing impact on my heart. The support, love, and strength I received from her was immeasurable. I am so glad I invited Megan into my daughter’s birth story.”
Birth Doula Client
“I had a wonderful birth experience with Megan by my side. She was an instrumental part of my having the natural birth I wanted for so long. She was so calm and attentive. Our meeting before my labor was so wonderful because she totally understood my desires. My labor progressed very quickly, and I know that had Megan not been there, I would have had a very hard time staying calm. I planned to labor at home as long as possible, so by the time I finally called Megan to come over, I was in transition. She arrived at our house and helped me through contractions by putting amazing counter pressure on my back while my husband gathered our things for the hospital. We arrived at the hospital ahead of my midwife and I was so happy to have Megan there reminding me that I was doing it and that everything would be ok. My memories of the hour at the hospital before the baby was born are a little fuzzy, but I will always clearly remember Megan’s support. She kept reminding me to relax my shoulders and relax my face. I felt so well cared for by Megan. Husbands/partners are important for support, but birth is women’s work and the calm, attentive, knowledgeable support of my wonderful doula was priceless. I will always be thankful that my husband and I were lucky enough to have Megan attend the birth of our daughter.”
- Christina
Birth Doula Client
“She was the only doula I interviewed who listened to me and allowed me to have my own birth experience. Other doulas I spoke with wanted me to birth how they saw fit. Additionally, she was able to pivot from helping me, to managing my husband easily with no interruption of care.” 
- Sandy
birth doula client